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GlobalBake ERP Bakery software solution is a proven solution for improving the efficiency of artisan bakeries and food manufacturing plants single or multiple production lines.

Benefits are; Improve Efficiency, better sales control tools, reduction in admin cost, greater control over the inventory and a great way to identify Inefficiency GlobalBake's ERP software systems customers have simplified the management of their business and gained control in a number of ways.

Strengthen sales results: by Forecasting based on previous order/usage history that flows into production planning, with the flexibility to override for exceptional conditions.

Reduced administrative effort: by greater processing speed. For example the system can generate Purchase Orders for needed stock, a single click turns a Purchase Order into Receipt of Goods, another click turns a receipt into a Creditor Invoice and all creditors can be paid with a simple process in our small business ERP software solution.

Improve control and utilization of inventory: the ability to compare actual versus theoretical usage of raw materials and hence determine efficiency of recipes etc.

Tighten production efficiency: the ability to compare yield at end of production line (actual as measured) versus expected output (theoretical from recipes/inputs) I would love the opportunity to come in and show you how we might help to become more cost effective with cloud based ERP software solutions.

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